Making a quantum leap means moving outside of your mental boundaries. If you will rethink how you're thinking, you can multiply your performance potential. 

~ Price Pritchett

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I have been there. I have been where you are. Running on the treadmill of life, ambitiously striving toward the next goal. As soon as I reached it, I’d move the goal post to the next one. I was forever looking forward to the next level of achievement. By societal standards, my life appeared seemingly perfect. I rose through the ranks at work. I have a beautiful family, a loving spouse, 2 beautiful children, and bountiful material possessions. In 2019, we moved into our custom built home with beautiful landscaping around it in Arlington, VA, right outside of Washington DC. What’s not to like? 

I checked all the boxes of what I was “supposed”  to do, to have, and by when. I should feel satisfied, content, and successful, right? Quite the opposite. I was lonely, tired, drained, and purposeless. Worse yet, I felt guilty for feeling the way I did. I was miserable, operating in an empty shell, and running on automatic. There was a void of purpose and meaning in my existence. I didn't truly know who I was or what brought me joy. I was craving real connection with the people in my life, including my spouse. Of course, I thought the problem was him and I wanted a divorce. 

From the depth of my despair, I read a ton of self-help books, followed authors, and listened to podcasts. I did various life and executive coaching programs, and different forms of therapy. While they helped a little, none of it was transformative. Everything changed when I discovered the laws that governed the universe, such as Law of Attraction and Law of Compensation, and encountered the teachings and mentorship of individuals like Bob Proctor, Marci Shimoff, and many others. I learned the immense power of our thoughts and the direct influence they have on our reality. 

So many miraculous things happened when I began to apply what I was learning. Some of the results included saving our marriage, getting another job with higher pay and position, having better work-life balance, and working remotely. Most remarkable yet, was finding fulfillment, purpose and joy. I wake up everyday feeling aligned and on purpose. I’ve learned so much since. 

It is now my purpose to share what I've discovered and help other women transform their lives by showing them how to direct their ambitious energy to create their destiny. I know it is possible for you to live the life of your dreams. I know because it did for me. I went from unconsciously living in frustration, anger and undiagnosed depression most of my life to finding inner peace, happiness, and material abundance. I now live my life's purpose and wake up each day feeling inspired and energized to reach people like you who want to make the change but don't know how. If I could rewrite my life script, so can you. Everything you need is already in you. 

Experience the power of coaching

a powerful 60 min discovery call - free gift

My coaching is transformative. It will transform your life when you are "all in" and committed to doing the work. I only work with clients who are fully committed. When you do the work, it will elevate you out of the competitive plane to the creative plane. You will be awakened to the power of you, break free from limitations, and discover new perspectives. When your perspective changes, your whole world changes. Learn to think in a whole new way, and you will be on a completely different trajectory in life than the current one you are on, regardless of how good it might be right now. Do life on your own terms and create a life that you love. You deserve to do what you love and love what you do. 


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Experience the power of coaching

a powerful 60 min discovery call - free gift

I am a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and an International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach. I am also a leadership coach for the U.S. Federal Government. My mission is to help ambitious women to take control of their destiny. I believe that within every individual lies the power to create a life of joy, purpose, and deep satisfaction. 
I believe in the power of women supporting women. Together, we elevate not just ourselves, but humanity as a whole. 10% of the proceeds go toward uplifting women and girls in developing countries, such as the Free The Girls program dedicated to providing a sustainable path out of poverty for women.
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Experience the power of coaching

a powerful 60 min discovery call - free gift